Send “Rubber Ducky” for my character’s reaction to yours crawling into their bath.

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Send my muse “Let’s have babies together” to see how they’d react.

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Send for my character's reaction.

  • "No one loves you."
  • "You're going to die with no one to love you and no on to cry."
  • "You can't do this on your own."
  • "I can't do this anymore. Goodbye."
  • "Why would I ever care about you?"
  • "You went dark on me!"
  • "If only there was someone who loved you."
  • "You're a bitch!"
  • "I only stuck around to get what I wanted."
  • "Do you really think I cared?"
  • "You're a fool."
  • "Don't believe everything you hear, darling."
  • "I got what I wanted. I don't need you anymore."
  • "You're pathetic."
  • "I hope you die alone."
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Send me an “Are you okay?” to find my muse in one of their weak moments

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Send a Ω and I will generate what my muse say to yours! You can send more than one if you want more than one starter! And these I stole from everywhere except a few random ones, but enjoy!


Warning! Starters consist of; angst, mentioning of torture, and other things like this.

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Fight/Argument Sentence Starters

  • "Make me"
  • "Don't tempt me"
  • "I hate you"
  • "You are infuriating"
  • "Just shut up already"
  • "That doesn't even make sense"
  • "Bite me"
  • "Eat me"
  • "Kiss my ass"
  • "Just admit i'm right"
  • "Just admit you're wrong"
  • "You are being ridiculous"
  • "That's irrational"
  • "Listen to me"
  • "That's not what I meant and you know it"
  • "Don't yell at me"
  • "That's it. End of discussion"
  • "I don't believe you"
  • "Don't look at me like that"
  • "What's with that look?"
  • "Go away"
  • "Don't talk to me"
  • "Do you ever shut up?"
  • "You're such a loud mouth"
  • "You shouldn't have said that"
  • "Fuck you"
  • "Step on a lego"
  • "Get bent"
  • "Shut your mouth before I shut it for you"
  • "It isn't up for debate"
  • "Don't question my orders"
  • "I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it"
  • "That is the worst idea i've ever heard"
  • "Who writes your plans, the village idiot?"
  • "That's mine"
  • "Give it back"
  • "Don't touch my stuff"
  • "That's not yours"
  • "Just leave already"
  • "The door is over there"
  • "I cannot deal with your bullshit right now"
  • "I have my orders"
  • "You have your orders"
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